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   Photo Album of Bali

:. Taman Ayun (Monkey Forest) Entrance
The entrance fee includes a garden tour guide. He/She will then bring you to his/her stall. In this way, they will get visitors/buyers in rotation system where no one will be left out.

:. Tanah Lot Sacred Snakes
They don't charge you but they ask for kind donation. You can give Rp 1,000 or more if you like. Before touching, you will be asked to make your wishes or prayers.

:. Bali Galleria
If you are looking for comfortable and delicious Chinese Food / Dim Sum, you will find it here. You can even shop duty free items here.

:. Unique Can Opener
Well... the only thing I remember is one of the local tourist trying to sweet talk (either joking or serious) the girl who's looking after the stall for something extra ordinary? Hehe.

:. Illegal Land Clearing
There's law on illegal hill logging but is there any law on hill cutting? Face the facts, they are hard to control. Open burning is everywhere in Indonesia.

:. Chandra Loka, Amphitheater, Nusa Dua
There's nothing here except the white sandy beach (you can find this virtually anywhere in bali island) and a small shopping area where you can't bargain much for a good price.

:. Uluwatu Cliff
Expect to see some breathtaking view from here. You can watch Kecak Dance, the famous Bali dance and it is performed normally at sunset / night.

:. Goa Lawah Beach
Visit the bat cave with its inhabitants, snakes and bats living together. Nothing much here except a black sandy beach.

:. Ground Zero Monument, Kuta
Erected to memorize the victims of Bali Bombing in 2001 where 202 innocent lives were lost. May their soul rest in peace.


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