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   Photo Album of Bintangor
:. Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat,
Many acknowledge them among the luckiest employees of the world. With hardly any fires in a year, they are earning salary without sweat.

:. Red Bridge
Once delayed, now the structure is ready to service everyone. It reduces the travel time from Bintangor - Sarikei by 300%.

:. Bintangor Recreational Park (formerly Army Base)
A bit isolated and a bit far (1-mile) from town but I can't comment much as I don't really have time to walk around and the sunset position

:. Catholic Church
There's a session allocated for prayers and sings at the church when I was in SK (formerly SRB) St. Augustine and if I am not mistaken, it is on Thursday morning.

:. Dewan Suarah
Used to be my playground. An area with climbable stone and sand pile about 5 - 6 meter high. with a shoulder height pond (I was in Primary 5 then).

:. Pineapple Plantation Project, Selidap
I am not sure whether this is a joint-venture project with any entrepreneurs from Sarikei but one thing for sure, Sarikei is known as the Pineapple Town.

:. Bintangor Police Station
Another luckiest employment. With hardly any serious crime / cases to be investigated, they are earning their salary without much sweat.

:. Abandoned government quarters
Their location are considered as prime area. But sadly, these house were without any tenants and were left to deteriorate with time.

:. Forestry Office
Never in my mind, I think if my home town has any kind of timber to be logged? But, there were few sites where small log are being chopped down along the new road to Sarikei.

:. Commercial Wharf of Bintangor
Loading / Unloading of ship cargo can be done here too. A good spot for fishing fresh water fishes / prawns.

:. Health Office
Also known Dispensary center. If you are diagnosed with more complicated diseases, you have to seek the treatment elsewhere.

:. Save Water Campaign by Pihak Bekalan Air
During the construction at the older days, 1 of the workers died because of an accident. Ever since then, many tout this place to be a haunted spot.

:. New Public Library of Bintangor
Formerly a abandoned muddy field. The old building in front of Post Office has been converted to Old Folks Association.

:. The only traffic light out of town
Who actually suggested to install the traffic there? I doubt the purpose... You know how it feels like when you HAVE TO slow down when there's no one at the junction!

:. Methodist Kindergarten of Bintangor
I remembered when I was still a kid, I was too afraid to walk home even though my house is less than a minute away!!


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