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   Photo Album of Kuala Lumpur

:. Air Asia Aircraft
The extra ordinary low cost airline, Air Asia aircraft is ready to take off. It saves your travel cost by almost 300%. But of course, no seat number and no in-flight meal is provided.

:. Good Bye KLIA and Good Bye Malaysia
Taking my last look and last few shots of KLIA before leaving Malaysia again. Another tiring 2 hours 40 minutes flight to endure again. Hehe.

:. Putra Jaya Building 1
:. Putra Jaya Building 2
:. Putra Jaya Building 3
:. Putra Jaya Building 4
The modern and elegant design for new government offices in Cyber Jaya. Known to Malaysians as the New Government Centre.

:. Immigration Counters
Miss some shot of Petronas Twin Tower, amongst the world tallest building? No worry, you still can manage to take a few shots of Petronas Twin Tower miniature.

:. Airspace 1
:. Airspace 2
:. Airspace 3
:. Airspace 4
:. Airspace 5
Few aerial shots taken shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Shortly after this, I need to take some nap. Zzz...


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