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   Photo Album of Surabaya

:. Mascot of Surabaya
Sura came from the word, ikan sura (shark) and baya came from the word, buaya (crocodile). East Java folks call this city, Suroboyo.

:. 4 Faces Buddha at Kenjeran
:. 4 Faces Buddha at Kenjeran (1)
:. 4 Faces Buddha at Kenjeran (2)
:. 4 Faces Buddha at Kenjeran (3)
:. 4 Faces Buddha at Kenjeran (4)

The 4 faces buddha statue at Kenjeran Temple. Statue is made of pure gold and devotee who want to wish will pray in sequence according to its face.

:. An accident along highway
A minor accident in highway can cause traffic jam come to a crawl. Worst, it will affects the opposite direction too cause the drivers slow down to have a peek.

:. The only Yellow Box installation in Surabaya & Sidoarjo
The 1 and only but, it serves no purpose. Motorists here don't understand the traffic sign. You don't even have to sit for traffic sign test prior to practical test. Is the matter of you must dare!

:. Illegal Overtaking
When traffic came to a halt, this is the best solution. This photo is capture seconds before the taxi is stopped by a patrol car about 50 meter ahead.

:. Putting your life at stake
Unless if you are dare enough to cross, people will stop before kissing your pair of leg. Or unless if you wear high heel with MM skirt, you are the cause! LoL.

:. Submarine monument
The Indonesia Navy Monument. Is very sad to see the movie was composed in Bahasa Indonesia when foreign tourists don't understand much except the submarine codename.

:. Pleading for tax payers
Is a good and strong message. But, why most people evading tax? My prediction, simply because few of the government servants "pocketed" their money.

:. Open Burning along Highway
When this happen, you REALLY MUST slow down your speed and apply your emergency light. You never know what's in front and what's BEHIND you!

 :. Illegal U-Turn Attendants aka "Polisi 100" stationed themselves at busy U-Turn
:. Legal U-Turn Attendants aka Legal "Polisi 100" at less busy U-Turn by authority
They can be helpful but they can be annoying. Some of them positioned themselves blocking your way so they can ask money from you. Ironist isn't it?

:. Wedding gown made of recycle paper
Imagine you wear this on your big day and some naughty kids step on it as you are just about to walk down the aisle. *blushing*.  


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